04 Dec

The cold weather, warm jacket, boot,….plus the final exams, everything is ready approaching the deep winter and Xmas!

The examinations preparation is really an exhausting thing…and i have to explore lots of videos in youtube to find out what could help for a comprehensive understanding and organizing, especially for those philosophy and history stories, theories, the Chinese History teacher named Yuan Tengfei ‘s class solved a lot of problems for me, many thanks:) otherwise, it will put me into hell to read soooo many pages of “Plato, Aristotle, Industrial Revolution, Karl Max, Capitalism, World War I & II, the Cathedrals, Buddhism, Renaissance, Entrepreneur’s Social Responsibility….” What a hard brain coaching~~!

To tell the truth, all of the words the professor talked about in the classroom just fly through my ears and away immediately without staying single second into my head, although should admit that the professor is really great, whatever the content, structure, accent of speaking, speed, everything perfect.

Another video helped me a lot is the Tsinghua online class given by Professor Xiao Xing on Accounting, to understand the story behind each individual term and calculation is very useful in applying into the practice and with the capability to judge the result correct or not.

Well, what i have to say, study is a good thing, making me progress as always, stepping forward.

The Xmas trees everywhere now, with shining twinkle color lights, but no much deals in the shopping center right now:)

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