November coming

03 Nov

Yes, a new month arriving….lots of work to do which gonna kill me almost.

Bring me some wrinkles on the face, and often red eyes due to the insufficient sleep.

So what i could do is just purchase some more facial masks thus to keep working😦

First of all, beach volleyball, in 38 degree, so great fun ~~ even though we lost entire four games:)


By the moment that i served the ball, and nobody could pick up on the other side, 我和我的小伙伴们都惊呆了!1422631_247818282034779_1521080137_n

给当地啤酒公司做个case proposal,marketing expansion targeting place and strategy, 作为回馈一瓶45°二锅头1456058_10152004968515129_1306704945_n




摄于感恩节,学期最后一堂课,my darling Financial Accounting.L1000547_副本



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