Mar.3rd to be my 33

11 Mar

What a memorable date with consecutive 4 threes! March.3rd to be my 33 years old birthday:)

DSC_0710 -003

With some decision made, and working on that….hope to be smooth and with luck, bless me:)


大树墩说很担心我特别suffer,在这段时间,总是希望做些事情to make me happy, whatever to help me on the business things, or just personal fun….I am clear that his standing point makes him difficult to get me closer with concerns on some aspects, although i didn’t regard it as that severe, perhaps more emotions under his heart that i don’t know completely. Even in some point, he has to choose to pull me in distance to him, to be safe, without being fired.

Anyway, I am appreciated for his care, emotions, and everything he did for me. I am fine to confront all the things happening with calm, with smile, with more understanding on the society and people surrounding. That’s my greatest harvest to live in South China, with the 2-3 yrs time.

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