07 Aug

Being the model for MR operation manual….just do someone a favor, first time trying this “job”, feel good

The photograph team from shanghai took lots of pictures for me, and couple of people serving me myself – responsible for different things each, including the director. What a fresh experience to me! The biggest challenge is to keep face muscle relaxed but with light smile under the lying down status, meanwhile the eyes should focus on one point straight forward, no gazing, no winking.

The Olympic Games in July, people all over the world keep eyes on the London – 奥运会的七零八落起起伏伏让人对英国银民滴玩赖人生有了崭新的认识。当然天底下耍无赖的人也不止一个半个,远在天边近在眼前围绕身边无时无刻不让人体会到,事情还木有最终的完结,只是进展上有了开端。

Take some course in Zheng (古筝), trying to practice couple of hours by myself, with some progress but still great space to get improvement.

Get out to the Lotus pond again…the same place with last summer, but with project team to celebrate the product release….what a lovely green, clean and quiet everywhere.  Like the various shapes of the lotus, beautiful scene to enjoy. It happened to be the Chinese Valentines Day, so red roses prepared in dinner for everyone.

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