Tiger past, Rabbit coming

30 Jan

Looking backward, thinking forward

Golden Rabbit Chinese New Year is coming in a few days, no much feeling on this biggest holiday- especially to chinese people, can’t say looking forward or oppose, at least no that kind of pure happiness when a kid.

In the past Tiger year, some changes on me, definitely.

Ok, talk from the beginning….

By the end of January, met in beijing finally, in hotel, returant, and bar.  Cooked me coffee, brought me gift from airport, and sent me back home in the midnight; and I went to see leaving back to Shanghai in the beijing south train station, a very nice place but I’ve never heard or been to before.

During that period of time, I was preparing for the examination and back to school again, at least a backup plan. Impact to me was not small to tell the truth, so always wager and indecisive even though I was doing that.

My staying in south happened not long after our meeting, I stepped to the same way that he did, went to the station again and again since that time. What is called  destined in life?

It’s for sure I met more and more international people in south, and got some close friends also, which is my fortune. It seems my focus changed from hard working to another field….maybe different environment bah….not a bad thing to supplement some blank area with person leading you so, I am happy to receive and accept all these improvements.

At the same time, some events gained me special experience and practice, from summer. I have written all the stories down, maybe continuation, anyway, I will attach the whole procedure some day in the future if possible.

The life in south– not that much good to eat, most dishes no taste for me, no matter how expensive they are,  the clothes need almost one week to dry with the wet air, …what else…the most important, difficult to endure in cold winter, is the low temperature room inside. Two sheets, two water bags, all of my jackets…

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