Bethel Foster

25 Jan 

At the beginning of May 2009, Volunteers came to the Bethel Foster Home for Blind Orphans in the suburb of Beijing to help landscape their new site. This is the second time organized almost 100 employees and their families since 2008. Volunteers contributed to purchase sapling and lawn turf for this newly constructed home.

No matter how hot the summer heat or how hard the work, adults and children, men and women were all working in full swing, carrying and planting lawn turf. Our task was completed very soon and we had time to know more about the Bethel Foster Home, a non-government, non-profit institute founded by a French couple.

Guided by the administrator, we visited houses and rooms for different functions, such as Braille training, music instruction, temporary quarantine space for sick kids, etc. I tried to imitate the children writing on calendar paper with a steel needle, and found it very difficult. To my surprise, I found that all of the kids could speak very fluent English. They are all Christians, and believe God will heal their eyes some day.

The Bethel Foster Home has several branches in France, the U.S, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Germany, and elsewhere. Their aim is to support these blind orphans adopted in China, by providing them daily care, education, and special training. They strive to create for them a professional, independent, family environment. Most of the kids will be adopted by American or European families, or at least, have the capability to be self-dependent here in Beijing.

The children in Bethel are from 15 community welfare institutions. Besides the social endowment, the “Instant Noodle” Band and Chorus are their primary means of income. When they sang songs for volunteers and we watched their cherubic faces under such adversity, many among us could not help crying. Every child is an angel and worth cherishing forever.

As we we’re leaving, the kids asked again and again if and when we could come back to see them. There is only so much I can do for these children, but one thing I can do is try my best to be a volunteer and make it part of my life to help those who need warmth and care from society.

志愿者了一下,去了趟慈济盲童孤儿院房山区,一早上7点准时出门背3大包衣物玩具先公交到以前签证的嘉里中心然后两辆大巴拉到地方已经11点了,原本说是tree planting, 结果变成grass planting,从外面运过来的几大堆草皮成片的铺在松软的泥土地上,戴着劳动手套的感觉很棒,最牛的是还有批人开着各色高档车来铺草皮,精神真可嘉~



真走进孩子们的群体会有太多令人感动和流泪的瞬间,好多都刚出生就没有眼球从来没看过这个世界的(住的房间里包括卫生间都没有镜子,大概对于弱视儿童也不想让他们看到自己的样子吧),而且被父母遗弃; 尽管没有家庭观念,但生活的很达观积极,给我们唱了好多歌,还有主持人小花拿话筒报幕(现场观众群里眼泪唏哩哗啦的一片,旁边一ppmm泣不成声的冲了出去),与人交流都超乎我想象的开朗。

当然内心里还是渴望被关爱和保护的,有个小女孩一头扎进我怀里搂着喊姐姐(坚决不叫阿姨~),摸着头跟我比个子,一会儿让我站起一会儿蹲下的陪着她玩,看她笑得特别开心而且依恋的样子,几度产生各种冲动, 我到底能去做些什么来帮助这些幼小可爱的小朋友们.

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